The Human Target Is Superman!

Mark Valley has joined the voice cast of the upcoming animated movie The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2… and in it, he’ll be playing another DC Comics character… Superman!

You can read more details about the release here.

No Chance For Season 3: FOX Cancels Human Target

Sorry, bad news from Entertainment Weekly

They are reporting that FOX has cancelled Human Target.

We heard Matt Miller had made a good pitch for Season 3, but apparently it wasn’t what the already-crowded FOX schedule was looking for.

Thanks go out to some fantastic cast and crew members who did a great show, week in and week out, for two seasons. And thanks to the Target419 audience for visiting during this time.


Jackie Earle Haley Joins The Wondercon Human Target Panel

The Human Target is going to the Wondercon convention in San Francisco this weekend, and we’ve just gotten word that Jackie Earle Haley has been added to the panel and signing.

From the press release:

WonderCon and Comic-Con favorite Jackie Earle Haley has been added to the Human Target signing (12:30–1:15 p.m., DC Comics Booth #301) and panel (1:45–2:30 p.m., Esplanade) at WonderCon 2011 this Sunday, April 3.

Haley — who plays Guerrero, the morally questionable associate/hired gun to human target Christopher Chance — will join fellow Human Target stars Mark Valley (Chance) and Janet Montgomery (Ames), along with executive producer Matthew Miller, for a look back at the second season of this fan-favorite series, to discuss their vision for the future of Christopher Chance and his team, and answer fan questions.

The actors and producer still doing convention appearances could possibly be seen as good news for the chances of Human Target Season 3.


Tonight: The Season (And Hopefully Not Series) Finale Of Human Target!

Tonight at 9PM, FOX will be showing the last episode of Human Target season 2… which could very well be the last-ever episode of the series.

Images from the episode can be found here at Target419 and a spoilery official description can be found here.

Discussion about the episode can be had at our forum.

If you want a Season 3, be sure to watch, especially if you have a Nielsen box.

Review: Human Target, “The Trouble With Harry”

And we’re back for another episode of Human Target this week, also known as FOX Putting The Series Out Of Its Misery Week! This is the penultimate episode of season two and well, it’s not very good. While I was watching “The Trouble With Harry” I found myself enjoying it. Then I thought about it for 10 or 11 seconds and my mind completely changed.

Most of the problems I have with this episode aren’t any different from the problems I’ve had with most of this season’s offerings. The plotting is coming from this shorthand place where details and logic don’t really matter, Ames continues her stretch of ridiculous pointlessness, there’s more forced romantic tension between Chance and Ilsa and even more attempts at creating recurring characters. I’ll try to tackle most of these complaints individually.

Review: Human Target, “Kill Bob”

Poor Human Target. Not only has it been constantly shuffled around on the schedule because FOX really has no confidence in it (and for good reason), but it has been heavily criticized by its small band of S1 fans. Those circumstances make last night’s special viewing of “Kill Bob” sort of interesting — or disappointing, depending on who you ask.

Again, I know I haven’t seen all or even most of season one, but it seemed like “Kill Bob” made a concerted effort to feel more like an episode from that era than what we’ve been given this season. Ames and Ilsa had very little to do throughout, leaving Chance, Guerrero and Winston to be on their own doing their thing. Moreover, this episode didn’t feature any special guest stars that existed as horrible attempts to create recurring characters and even better, there wasn’t any major personal connection to the case. The series has gone to one of those two wells in nearly every episode this season so it was nice to see the three male leads out in the field blowing stuff up and kicking ass with little discussion about larger issues.


Tonight: A Special Monday Human Target! “Kill Bob”

FOX is seemingly determined to throw Human Target all over the schedule – but at least they’re showing it! – and today the show lands on Mondays with a new episode airing tonight at 8PM.

The episode is called “Kill Bob.”

You can find a gallery of images from the episode here at Target419 and you’re all invited to come talk about the episode on our forum!

Another episode of Human Target is scheduled to air on Wednesday.


Buster Bluth Returns To Human Target: “The Trouble With Harry”

Tony Hale’s Harry character returns in the February 2 episode of Human Target.

Take a look at some images!


Human Target Season 2 Finale “Marshall Pucci” Images!

FOX has released several images from the Feb. 9 season finale of Human Target.

Check them out – Spoiler Warning!

Human Target Season Finale “Marshall Pucci” Official Description

FOX has released an official description for the Feb. 9 season finale of Human Target, which hopefully won’t be the series finale for the show.

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